Scottish Rite Bodies & Degrees

There are four groups which confer the degrees along this leg of a Mason's journey. Each of these four Scottish Rite bodies is an independent organization with its own officers and each has absolute control over the degrees comprising its structure. The only higher authority is the Supreme Council.


32 Masonic Degrees

The degrees are numbered from 4 through 32. Beginning in 2012, the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction has implemented “The Bookend Concept” whereby candidates who wish to become 32o Scottish Rite Freemasons shall be required to witness the fourth and thirty-second degrees as well as a minimum of three additional degrees which reflect our core values.

Degree presentations are taken from Biblical and modern historical events.

back to top The Lodge of Perfection confers the 4º through the 14 º.  These are called the “ineffable” degrees where the candidate observes many references, scenes and characters familiar from the three Symbolic degrees of Freemasonry.  

4º         Master Traveler
5º         Perfect Master
6º         Master of the Brazen Serpent
7º         Provost and Judge       
8º         Intendant of the Building
9º         Master of the Temple    
10º       Master Elect
11º       Sublime Master Elected
12º       Master of Mercy
13º       Master of the Ninth Arch
14º       Grand Elect Mason

back to top The Council of Princes of Jerusalem confers the 15º and 16 º which are based upon the Babylonian captivity of the Hebrews and the building of the second Temple.   15º       Knight of the East
16º       Prince of Jerusalem
back to top The Chapter of Rose Croix confers the 17º and 18 º which teach that the only lasting Temple is in the soul of man.   17º       Knight of the East and West
18º       Knight of the Rose Croix
back to top The Consistory confers the 19º though 32º.  These portray lessons learned from the days of chivalry through the 20th century.  

19º       Brothers of the Trail
20º       Master ad Vitam
21º       Patriarch Noachite
22º       Prince of Libanus
23º       Knight of Valor
24º       Brother of the Forest
25º       Master of Achievement
26º       Friend and Brother Eternal
27º       Knight of Jerusalem
28º       Knight of the Sun
29º       Knight of St. Andrew
30º       Grand Inspector
31º       Knight Aspirant
32º       Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret